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Haug Power Suppplies

High Voltage Power Pack Transformers


  • For use with Nex Flow Static Eliminator Products.

Advantages & Benefits

High Voltage Power Pack Transformers EN-C (2 Outlet) and EN-C4 (4 Outlet): This power supply is equipped with two or four high voltage terminals and an integrated on-off pilot lamp.

S-Line Power Pack EN SL: S-Line Power Pack comes with two high-voltage connections and meets both North American and European standards. The integrated high-voltage transformer converts applied main voltage to approximately 7,000 to 8,000 volts.

Multi-Stat Power Supply: The Multi-Stat Power Pack provides the optimum in power pack performance and monitoring. The Multi-Stat EX is approved for explosion proof applications (but must be mounted outside the explosion proof area).

EN-92 EX Power Supply (Power Pack EN92 EX is suitable for direct use in areas with potentially explosive atmosphere): The unit comply with the international ATEX directives. All high-voltage components are accommodated in a flameproof housing. The power pack EN92 EX is equipped with two high-voltage parts for the connections of the ionizing unit. NO long high-voltage cables are required, as the power pack can be installed in the immediate vicinity of the ionizing unit.