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Vortex Tube Products

Panel Cooler


  • Panel Cooler
  • Tool Cooler
  • Mini Spot Cooler

Advantages & Benefits

TOOL COOLER: This product is recommended for cooling tool bits in dry machining application. It has magnet for easy installation in machine. Comes with either single or dual outlet hose.

MINI SPOT COOLER: Designed for spot cooling of small parts that needs high tolerance, also for needle cooling in rough textiles such as jeans and carpet manufacturing. It uses 8 SCFM vortex tube.

PANEL COOLER (The Future of Air Conditioning): The most popular product and is set to continue to grow. It has no CFC or HC – no carbon foot print.

Three Classifications

  • NEMA 12 – IP54 – Standard Control Panels
  • NEMA 3R – IP14 – Control Panels outside in rain, snow or ice
  • NEMA 4-4X – IP66 – Control Panels for wash down and corrosive environments.
ALL Control Panels are 304 Stainless Steel. 316L Stainless Steel is also available for pharmaceutical and for very harsh environments like fertilizer plants.

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