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Vortex Tubes

LARGE: 50, 75, 100 and 150 SCFM


  • Tool Cooler
  • Mini Spot Cooler
  • Panel Cooler

Advantages & Benefits

A vortex tube takes compressed air at a higher pressure and thru a generator “spins the air” in one direction in a tornado like funnel, then spins it back through the original funnel and out of the tube. You end up with a tornado inside a tornado. A heat exchange effect occurs as the less dense outside funnel draws away energy from the inside funnel. As some of the outside funnel air exits at one end, it gets hot. The other end gets cold.

Three Standard Sizes

  • Small: 2,4 and 8 SCFM
  • Medium: 10,15,25,30 and 40 SCFM
  • Large: 50, 75, 100 and 150 SCFM

Two Versions: H and C Generators

  • H Generators: For Maximum Cooling
  • C Generators: For Maximum Cold Temperature

Use of Sleeves: The small vortex tubes also have a sleeve with each generator that control the flow better for each size used. In the medium size vortex tube, we press fit a sleeve for the 10 and 15 SCFM size and in the large vortex tube we press fit a sleeve for the 50 and 75 SCFM size. This is just to account for the size of the tornado inside the tube.

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